Let`s learn English



Welcome to this new blog where you can find many

 different articles and activities for practising the English

 Language in a funny and easy way.



Thank you for your visit



  1. Samael Said:

    Hi Rita…. your blog is veri good… I think the activities are very good but for me the articles are better…. you know that i am in translation but those articles are usefull not just for begginers but for advanced level too… thank you.

    • Hello Sami It is a very good new to know that you visited my blog.. thank you for your comment and continue checking it ok?

  2. Alberto Said:

    Hola Rita… oye yo todavia no puedo escribir bien en Ingles pero me parece k las actividaes que incluiste en tu blog me van a ayudar gracias. Ademas gracias por el material de ejercicios k me mandaste a mi correo. Bye

    • Hola Alberto… no te preocupes no deves saber inglès para visitar mi blog. espero que si te ayuden las actividades que añadi especialmente las de listening… de cualquier manera yo voy a seguir subiendo mas links… Nos vemos despues…

  3. Hello Rita,
    I want to thank you because the exercises you have here are very useful, especially for my little brother. I am going to give him some exercises about vocabulary as the hangman you have here. I think it is interesting and my brother is going to like it too.
    Thank you for your blog…

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