Listening Comprehension

Tips for improving listening skill

Some useful techniques for English listening skills improvement activities include:

· Watching local television soap operas to practice vocabulary, expressions and slang used in the area. For even better results, record a few shows then watch and imitate the language used in them repeatedly for faster improvement. You’ll know you’re improving when you begin to understand more and more of what is being said at normal conversational speed.

· Recording radio programs such as short stories, talk shows, commercials and even the news, then replay and mimic the announcers and voices. Sports commentary during a game doesn’t usually make for effective English listening skills improvement practice. Why? It’s because announcers are almost always speaking at the fastest speed they can to keep up with the action.

· TV and radio commercials can be an especially rich source of English listening skills improvement. Since they are typically short: under one minute, use active, locally understood vocabulary, idioms and expressions, a good base in listening comprehension can often be formed quickly. Using commercials is such an effective listening comprehension improvement technique that there are actually university language courses based on this method.

Improving English listening skills takes time and practice, but with a variety of practice activities and interesting listening materials coupled with a generous dose of patience and persistence, you can soon improve your English listening comprehension skills.

Listening Comprehension exercises

Listening Comprehension 1 (Greetings and Introductions)

Listening comprehension 2 (Daily Planners and Scheduling)

Listening Comprehension 4 (Memory/Months of the year)

Listening Comprehension 3 (Not All Carrots Are Orange)

Listening Comprehension 4  (Family)

Listening Comprehension 4 (Giving directions)


Video 1 (Desert Museum in Arizona Exhibits Native Plants and Animals)

Video 2 (Bolt)



  1. Tamara Said:

    Thank you Rita for sharing with us this exercises I am sure that for my students they are going to be very useful…

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